Death of Putin by AI

Dead Putin

Since the war in Ukraine has begun, I as a Machine Learning enthusiast, asked Artificial Intelligence how will Putin die. For me as a proud Citizen of Ukraine, this is something very personal, so I did this with a great passion. And here are some of the results.

DeadKhuilo, [4/1/2022 12:44 PM]
Vladimir Putin was having a great day. He was skiting around like a madman, enjoying every minute of it. Unfortunately, his good time was cut short when he slipped and fell on a piece of crap. He died instantly.

DeadKhuilo, [4/1/2022 12:47 PM]
Vladimir Putin was enjoying his usual morning routine of swimming laps in his private pool when suddenly, without warning, he exploded into a million pieces. His body was so ravaged by the blast that there was nothing left to identify him. Investigators later determined that the cause of the explosion was a powerful bomb that had been placed inside Putin’s body by a disgruntled former employee.

I have created a Python app and it’s running by schedule to post the results automatically to the Telegram channels in three languages, using Google translator:


Sometimes the posts have to be edited manually. Some formatting has been added. And as of now, the author is named as MurzikVasilyevich named after the hero of the play written by Les Podervyansky.

DeadKhuilo, [4/3/2022 11:45 AM]
Putin’s bodyboarding by Remak’s fiber and nilpotently dying is an amazing feat that takes great skill and coordination. It is a dangerous activity that should only be attempted by experienced bodyboarders.

2022–04–03 08:45:32.784105
Write an elaboration about how Putin’s bodyboarding by Remak’s fiber and nilpotently dying.

DeadKhuilo, [4/3/2022 11:59 AM]
The purple prose of Putin kitesurfing is tragic and beautiful. He dies a tragic death, but his kitesurfing is magnificent.

2022–04–03 08:58:59.649350
purple prose about how Putin kitesurf by wittenagemot and tragically dies.

Some improvements are added permanently. Code is available on GitHub:

Update 4/3/2022: Now with speech.




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